We assist churches of all sizes and ministry styles by providing on-site consultations, website information, printed resources and full color drawing studies for strategic facility planning. We also offer a capital fundraising program called United We Build to raise funds and reduce the amount a church borrows.

Church Architecture Service Brochure

See how our ministry can help your church through the building process

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Basic of the Building Process

An overview of the steps to effectively get through a building project

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Church Architecture works with Texas Baptists churches of all types: traditional churches, contemporary, small and large congregations, new church starts, missions, languages and cultures, cowboy churches, vaquero churches, churches that do not own but lease space, churches relocating, Baptist Associations and encampments.

Our team provides ministry program and strategic planning services for our member churches. This service does not replace the legal requirement services provided by licensed architects, engineers, accessibility specialists and other services required by Texas state law.

The architectural plans and specifications for the construction of a church, regardless of size, must always be prepared and issued by an architect or under the effective supervision and control of an architect.

We have several people on our staff who will be able to aid you. Please feel free to contact the team with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Church Architecture Ministry Scholarship

A Church Architecture Ministry Scholarship (CAMS) is $1,500.  This scholarship provides experienced assistance to smaller churches. A challenge for all Texas Baptists churches is knowing how to use and develop their church facilities for more effective ministries. Whether or not your church has benefited from this ministry previously, please consider a gift that will multiply itself by helping churches enhance their ministries by more effectively developing their facilities. Together we can do more.

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Funding Sources for Church Building Programs, Loans and Grants

A building project includes discerning a building project budget relative to your church's annual income, current indebtedness, financial capability and project type. Options include mortgage loans through the Baptist Church Loan Corporation, local banks and the United We Build fundraising program.

Loans are provided to churches that are affiliated with the Texas Baptists. More information on the Smith Loan, Small Church Matching Grant and the Disaster Relief Church Building Recovery Grant is available on our Building Funding page.

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Building Process Guide

This guide provides a step-by-step process for discovering needs, planning, designing and constructing your church building. The process lists each suggested action, who is responsible for taking each action and outside assistance, where needed.


Online FACTSheets

These FACTSheets (available in both English and Espanol) address specific building design topics.



Owner Responsibility Issues

If you have questions regarding church business related issues such as property purchase, general security, childcare security and safety issues, environmental hazards, taxable land use, property purchase, state licensed day care and other facility related issues, please contact us.

Master Site Plan/Floor Plan Drawing Studies

Conceptual drawings serve as tools to help your church make good facility decisions. These plans do not replace the construction engineering drawings of an architect, but rather provide you with vital planning information on space requirements and effective building design for ministries.

Master Site Plan: 1

Master Site Plan: 2

Master Site Plan: 3

Guidelines for Making Children's Areas Safe and Accessible

Here are some suggestions regarding the physical aspects to make existing preschool and children's spaces safer while considering accessibility requirements. Such as, space reconfigured to move preschool classrooms to a ground floor with low pedestrian traffic, yet close to the worship center, parking areas and play areas.

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Pre-Purchase Analysis of Buildings and Property

When considering the purchase of undeveloped land or existing buildings we can help. In addition to the above online FACTSheets, you can also meet with a consultant for assistance in evaluating property prior to purchase. For more information please contact Karen Young.