Our mandate is to share God's Word in Texas by planting new churches of all different sizes and ministry styles. The heart of our ministry is to connect people to a church where God is present, because when God shows up, good things happen.


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Church Planters

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The Process

The BGCT Church Starting Experience involves many people-not just BGCT staff and Executive Board members, Church Planters, core groups and Church Planting Partners, but ultimately the unchurched people in every part of the state. It is the prayer of all those people that this process will encourage, facilitate and connect churches in their work to fulfill God's mission of reconciling the world to Himself; and we know that when all parties have a clear, strong, common vision, the results are new churches that can grow, reproduce and replenish mission funds.

Church Starting is a collective effort, but it is also the pursuit of a unique and personal experience with God. Church Starting is not just for traditional churches. 

First Steps

Once you submit a New Church Start Application form, a Church Starter will meet with you, your Sponsor Church and everyone interested in supporting your new church. If all Partners agree on what is expected and how to work together, everyone will sign a New Church Start Covenant Agreement.

If you have any questions, please call Terry Lynch at (214) 828-5397.

New Church Start Application

Next Steps

In visits with your Church Planter (the pastor or leader of the new church) and other Partners, the Church Starter assesses your group's various strengths and weaknesses. He or she then helps guide you to make plans and find resources - both locally and from the Texas Baptists.

Monthly Report Form

Access your monthly reports through the community web portal.  If you need assistance with the monthly report, please contact us at (214) 828-5397 or (214) 828-5297.


Tom Howe

Associate Director, Missions

(214) 828-5278

Terry Lynch

Ministry/Financial Assistant, Church Starting

(214) 828-5397

Shannon Haskins

Ministry Assistant, Church Starting, Multi-Housing/House Congregation & Philippi Churches

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Texas Baptists welcome Tom Revilla as Central Texas Church Starter

DALLAS - Texas Baptists Church Starting welcomes Tom Revilla as the new church starter for Area 6, Central Texas. This area spans from Austin to Central East Texas.

“I am excited to have Tom Revilla join our Church Starting Team,” said Paul Atkinson, director of Church Starting. “Tom brings high levels of experience in all aspects of church leadership. His recent work with Buckner International and Life Church of San Antonio have given him a set of skills which will benefit his work with new church starts in Central Texas. Texas Baptists is fortunate and blessed to welcome Tom Revilla to the Texas Baptists staff.”

Revilla’s seven...

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Texas Baptists welcome new church starter for North East Texas

DALLAS - Clay Jacobson has joined the Texas Baptists Church Starting staff as a new church starter for Area 4, covering North East Texas region from Dallas to Texarkana.

“I am very excited to have Clay join our team,” said Paul Atkinson, director of Church Starting. “He adds a dimension we need in perspective, training and passion for being a part of a church starting movement. I believe we will be able to push back the lostness of Texas with men like Clay on our team.”

Jacobson brings a well-rounded set of experiences, including previously serving as pastor of Lamar Street Baptist Church in Sweetwater; assistant network...

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