The purpose of the Hospitality House is to promote the public welfare of the disadvantaged by tending to their physical and spiritual needs. We help the families of prisoners in the criminal justice system make it through the hard times by providing overnight lodging during their visits. These families are considered to be the “other victims of crime,” and the House offers a warm, friendly and peaceful environment for them to interact. It has become a vital link between Huntsville’s inmates and their loved ones.

This ministry creates unique opportunities for different people to connect. The families that stay here feel safe when sharing their stories, knowing they are all here in solidarity. Those who donate their time here are highly impacted by our ministry as it sheds light on a cause that not many people consider. Our volunteers are made up of pastors, preachers, inmates, college students, families, professors and service groups. Having so many people from so many different walks of life proves that we are all human, and we can all join together for the greater good.

There are many ways to can get involved. Apply to be an intern, bring a group in for a tour, sponsor a bedroom in the House, sponsor the “Art Against the Odds” program, donate grocery store gift cards and/or make a financial contribution.

For more information about the Hospitality House please visit their website at