We are Klint, Vicki, Paytyn, Morgan and Olivia Ostermann, and we have started a ministry in Jinja, Uganda called Heart for Uganda. Heart for Uganda's mission is to empower individuals and organizations in Uganda to meet their own needs in culturally relevant ways. We do this through discipleship, vocational training, business training and management/leadership training.

During a short-term mission trip to Uganda we found that most ministries in Uganda focus on women and orphans. There are few ministries for men, despite the fact that there is a great need. Many of the issues that face women and children stem from problems from the men. If we can build up men that are godly husbands, fathers and community leaders, we can change the course of families and communities in Uganda.

We are striving to do what God calls us to do, make disciples that make disciples. So many people see the great needs in Uganda and want to pour money into aid to provide for the people. The problem is that millions and millions of dollars of financial aid have flowed into Uganda but the problem hasn't improved. We believe if we can work on the root of the problem we can help Ugandans help themselves.

We would love it if you could pray for Heart for Uganda and our family. For specific prayer needs, you can always view our updated list here. We also send out monthly email newsletters telling you about our mission and sharing prayer requests. You can sign up for our newsletter here.

We can't do our mission in Uganda without people supporting us prayerfully and financially. If you feel called to support our mission you can help by donating below.