The One Heart Project's mission is to provide a true second chance to incarcerated and at-risk youth. The organization exists to change the lives of youth in the juvenile justice system, and those who are considered high risk. We facilitate change through meeting the practical needs of these youth, equipping them, and planting God's word into their hearts.

The One Heart project serves youth, ages 12-19, in the juvenile justice system. This population has essentially become invisible in our culture.

85% come from fatherless homes.
60% come from poverty.
53% have incarcerated family members.
45% have reported abuse/neglect.
40% are under the age of 16.

Most are without hope for a future. They are significantly disadvantaged, and suffering spiritually and emotionally. In the Texas Mentoring Initiative - the program we are seeking funding for - we will be serving 250 youth this year with mentoring, education programming, and re-entry services through this collaborative initiative that includes over 100 partners nationally.

The One Heart Texas Mentoring Initiative is a 3-year project, reaching 250 juvenile offenders each year, in 6 counties in Texas: Dallas, Tarrant, Harris, Randall, McLennan, and Deaf Smith. The TMI will not only impact juvenile offenders throughout the state of Texas, but will also serve as a model for the national initiative, to be replicated in communities across America.

These kids are a forgotten population in our culture. They are the orphans of our culture that Jesus refers to in James 1:27. As the body of Christ, we are called to minister to these kids. Jesus speaks of us visiting him in prison. The first person Jesus took with him into eternity was a criminal. God's heart is to rescue and restore this population. These kids are desperate to know there is hope for them, and to have a mentor in their lives. As believers, we have hope, as well as a solution for these kids. There is no one better suited to be a mentor to them than a Christ follower.

Mentoring is most crucial. However, there are a multitude of ways people can get involved: teaching financial literacy, job training, etc. Click here for more information.

One Heart is a powerful story that is already impacting troubled kids right where we live and all across America."

– Jason Witten
All Pro Tight End, Dallas Cowboys

The One Heart Project is in a position to transform the lives of millions of youth across the nation."

– Charlotte Anderson
Dallas Cowboys

The juvenile justice system has long been looking for what the One Heart Project provides. The youth in our correctional facilities now have a real chance for a successful re-entry into their communities."

– Scott W. Fisher
Chairman, Texas Juvenile Justice Department