My name is Brandon Touchstone. I grew up in the West Texas area and decided four years ago to move to Houston. I made the move to participate in ministry with the Church at University of Houston and minister to those in the 3rd, 5th, and 2nd Wards. After volunteering my spare time for the past three years my pastor asked if I would be interested in transitioning into a full-time position. Within a couple weeks I agreed to be part of the staff of Church at U of H.

As Christians, having the Holy Spirit, ministry should come as second nature. I believe all Christians should be involved in ministry in some way, whether it be teaching at school and loving the children, a businessman showing his employees the love of Christ or the person who shares Christ on the bus.

There are many ways for someone to get involved with the ministries here at Church at U of H. We are currently working in the inner city to help feed those who are hungry physically and mentally and providing free education to children who are not expected by our society to succeed. We are also working with other organizations and ministries to fight human trafficking. If anyone would like to volunteer their time to walk alongside us in these ministries you are welcome to come and participate with us!