Soon after I retired as a Baptist church administrator four years ago, I found a new calling to support and encourage missionaries rather than church pastors and staff.  These missionaries serve along the Texas-Mexico border and share the Gospel in Mexico to masses of impoverished, uneducated, poor, hungry, sometimes homeless people.  While working to meet some of the many physical needs, they share the Gospel and show the love of Jesus to many who have never heard.  I am blessed to be able to acquire and deliver food, water, clothes, medical equipment and supplies, Bibles and religious materials to several missionary stations from Brownsville to El Paso.  I have made many trips in the last few years and hope to make many more in the years ahead.

After my first visit to the border area and into some Mexican villages I felt compelled to do everything I could to tell the Gospel story and help improve the lives of people living in terrible conditions. 

The need is very great - almost overwhelming in this area.  The population is growing daily and many have never heard the Gospel or been asked to believe it and receive Jesus as savior. 

All who know of these needs can pray for those who are currently involved and open their hearts to God and be obedient to His direction to go or give to those who are going.

For more information about this ministry, please email Loren Kendig.