There are many ways to start a church. We recommend the organic model for church planting. This is a natural model comprising a simple way to work as a church without the complications of a full system of programs. Here you can find any information regarding how and specific details on the process of starting churches in homes, work areas, parks, restaurants, etc.

Starting a Multi-housing Church

Can God Use You to Start a Multi-housing Church?
Consider yourself as a possible multi-housing church planter.

Prayerwalking to Birth an Apartment Church
A prayerwalker experience shows how simply it can happen.

What Does a Multi-housing Church Look Like?
A multi-housing church is much less organized than a sponsor church, but it still has all the basics of church life.

For Pastors

Entrusting the vast unreached multi-housing populations to the heart and hands of the local church!

Multi-housing Missionaries and Pastors Mentors
Pastors, or their designated trainer, can equip a growing Christian to reach multi-housing residents.

A Life-Changing Church "Possibility" Story
This one-minute "word picture" captures the essence of a cost-free multi-housing congregation.

You Have What it Takes
Your already have the ministry experience to help a layperson get started in a multi-housing church plant.