What you need to know: Impact of new tax provision

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act requires tax-exempt organizations, which includes churches, to pay tax on transportation fringe benefits provided to their employees.  The Internal Revenue Service has not yet issued guidance on this new provision.  The transportation fringe benefits include items such as parking for employees or transit passes provided to employees.  We believe this tax will not apply to most Texas Baptists churches since the parking provided their employees has no measurable value.  Churches who pay for parking for their employees or who receive revenue for parking at their church are encouraged to seek guidance from their tax professional. 

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A Parking Tax on churches? No, it’s not a new Monopoly rule.

You probably remember headlines about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. It streamlined some elements of our tax system by reducing the number of tax brackets, increasing the standard deduction for taxpayers, and reducing or eliminating some other deductions.

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Downloads, links and information on a variety of administrative topics for your church.

Church Financial Guidebook

This guidebook provides basic help for your church treasurer and finance team in the areas of receipts, disbursements, ethical issues and reporting. Texas Baptists-affiliated churches may request one free copy per church by using the online form above.

Texas Baptists' office of Church Administration exists to help church leaders be faithful stewards of church resources. Those are often difficult tasks, so we are glad to partner with ECFA to provide you with resources for excellence in church and personal financial management.

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Bylaws & Governance
A church's constitution, bylaws and policies are not static documents containing rules and limits. When well-used, they create a framework for healthy and productive relationships in the body of Christ.
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Security & Risk Management
Risk is a part of everyday life—you can't hide from it or avoid it completely. But churches can minimize risk with adequate insurance, policies and practices. 
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Believers are responsible for investing earthly treasures in eternal pursuits. Texas Baptists store up treasures in heaven by handling money with wisdom and integrity.
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Churches provide guidance and direction through personnel policies, job descriptions, and other resources, which support employees and volunteers living out their calling to serve God and others.
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Every believer is a minister, so enlisting, screening and equipping volunteers are at the heart of a church's work. Wise church leaders invest heavily in developing members for service. 
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The buildings, furnishings, vehicles and other physical properties of a church are tools for ministry. Good stewardship of these resources is a reflection of our commitment to Christ and to serving our Texas communities. 
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Legal Issues
Many ministry concerns have legal implications. These include the safety and security of children, incorporation, hiring employees, maximizing religious liberties, tax status and others. Pastors, administrators and lay leaders will find helpful information here.
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Communications & Technology
It's our calling to make disciples in the 21st century. Effective teaching, preaching and ministering require clear communication using effective tools. 
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Strategic Planning
Forward-thinking churches trust the Spirit to guide them as they plan for the future. Use these tools to plan and carry out the work of Christ in your church's sphere of influence. 
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