Project: Start is Connecting Refugees in Vickery Meadow with the Resources they need to find stability

An estimated 30,000 refugees live within a 3 mile stretch in North Dallas called Vickery Meadow. With over 30 different languages spoken, their needs are as diverse as the community itself.

While much is being done to help these refugees in Vickery Meadow, many do not know what resources are available or how to access them. Language barriers, culture norms and transportation (just to name a few) can be significant obstacles to finding help. Numerous organizations, ministries and agencies are doing great work in the community, but many times refugees do not know where to start to access these resources.

We are bridging the gap with Project: Start. Our location in Vickery Meadow is easily accessible to refugees. They can come, explain their needs and receive the information they need regarding assistance for their specific situation.

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